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July 27, 2012


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Watchers Feature #10!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 27, 2012, 3:31 PM

I can't believe this is already the 10th one! hahaha there's still at least 100-200 more deviations in line though xDD. Please be patient if you're in line :3. Thanks!

It takes me a while to put these together, so if you commented on my other journal to be featured, please take a look at everyone else's work too. After all, it's only fair that way and if you don't, it's just a little selfish and your conscience will bug you =P. So yah, share the love, guys! Faving this journal might help :)

These are ordered first come first serve style; I will be showing around 50 pieces at one time (I still have a lot to go through and it adds up every time i put up a feature journal), and be featuring once a week as to not clog up your message boxes. It'll probably take ....a few months, so please be patient!


Kitten Love by Melmee Day 01: Yourself by SugarConeKamz Tyon - moni158's character by keira-n Poem - Garden by WincestSounds snow by sharazza Enol lake - Asturias by Lynx-Pardina love for parents by NEKO-nom-koi Chapter 1: Ungifted
Chapter 1: Ungifted
The cottage was in the middle of a dark forest, where timber wolves could be heard howling in the distance. Inside the cottage, mice scurried across the wooden floor and the glow of a single candle lit up the tiny room.
Screams rent the night; the screams of a mother giving birth. Lena gripped her husband's hand tight as the mid-wife crooned encouragement: "You're almost done, just push a little harder. That's right, just hold on. You're almost there."
Lena panted, her chest heaving with the effort of child-birth. 'Almost there, yeah right.' She thought. 'She said that three hours ago, and look where that's got us.' She screamed again, and squeezed Liam's hand harder, making him grimace with pain.
"It's okay, honey," he said with teeth clenched. "I know you can do this." Lena nodded, and pushed again. She screwed her eyes shut with the attempt, and bit her tongue so she wouldn't scream again.
"Look," the mid-wife whispered. "She's a girl." The mid-wife
Curiosity by flouvl CountdownThere were some good memories somewhere inside of her head
She wanted to keep those to remember him by
As he had left her with such bitterness
Was she to blame for the faults?
Was she the reason for this?
No one was ever free
Because it was haunting
Always was that
Painful and
They were never romantic because of the world around them
There were things that he should have never done
Yet he did them all without any cares
They might have called to him then
And he had decided to follow
He had left her alone
She was all alone
He thought that
It was
There were never any exact words to describe the changes
All of her own were inaccurate to her ears
She had guided many like him once before
But his uniqueness was of another sort
She was pulled to his soul
But it was a soul
Just like her own
Just as easy
To make
He had not loved the darkness as much as her
That is what he told himself every single day
To believe in those words over and over
Wore them out without too much th
AT_Fubblegum by Music-X-Rose A Flight To Remember by AsharaNi In Loving Memory by MonicaHolsinger Aries by StarrBERU Floating by Chialupa Warrior of Cosmos by Fairie-Tails Steal It AwayShe wasn't safe.
Everyone around her celebrated the end of the war, celebrated that she had lived, that she had saved them; and the fear she had seen from them towards her was gone. But she was afraid of them.
A warm breeze would blow across her exposed skin, playing with her loose, blonde hair, but yet she would shiver and pull her arms around her body. The movement of a simple shadow would cause her to jump, and the presence of any living creature filled her with unease. The crowds that were often seen around her didn't help matters at all. No matter how she turned, how she angled herself, her back was always exposed to at least one of them.
Her body would shake, at the most random of times, and a whimper would occasionally make its way out of her mouth. Wide violet eyes flickered everywhere, searching for the danger she knew had to be there.
Once, she had even drawn her broadsword, had aimed it at the dwarf who had helped to raise her. She had avoided him after that, and it seemed a
April by Florence0 Have One on Me by brusierkee Nebula Family by lavaheart626 Hugs n Kisses by SillySinz Chibi Beifongs by moehoshi-ii Thank You For Being Here With Me by Ake-Shii Happy Panda by Mang0l0v3r SOUND GIRL 2 by Enelic The Siren by CypressPhoenix Cherry Doll by Joaru Soul by AleKaiLin Un Bosque Azul by Nairim-dA Hey kitty will you be my friend by BlackEyesSnowAngel Magnet Nama x Elle Version by xKeren Beast Boy by Fishiebug :thumb308162047: A Raven and an Assassin by GreenTeaPhoenix Assumptio !! by IdentifiedAnonymous New Goddess by kinouchi The Warrior Princess [Unfinished/Preview] by WinglessHinata DeDe the Pandasaur by SillyArtist Eyes with a Story by Roudykit Festive Kitty by Nalciel Katie Peerenboom by MiserableStargazer On the Run by ShadowWind182 Dame Vampire - Isabelle by automnal-glimpse Barnabas and Angelique by DisneyFanJulia Garden of dresses by fatpear Snow Maiden: Layout 115 by JillLenaD This Asian woman by Blackrockshota 27.07.2012 by onirique7

Thanks for looking :).
If you want to be featured, there should be an older journal that will show you the way. You also have to be one of my watchers to be featured (thus the title xD)

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NEKO-nom-koi Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thank u very much for future my work and congratz to all futured peps here,u all are great ;)
Thank you so much for having me in your feature journal!!
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It's such an honor to be featured here! :love:
Thank you so much!
ambientdream Jul 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
you're so kind to feature your watchers :)
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These are so awesome. Is there room for me on that feature list?
Thanks for the feature! This is a wonderful collection :D
clairxi Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I always admire the people that can do realism. Thanks for posting these journals
ayame18 Jul 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Congrats to all who've been featured! :clap:
Roudykit Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the feature ;)
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