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Submitted on
May 22, 2012


49 (who?)

Watcher Feature #1

Journal Entry: Tue May 22, 2012, 11:51 AM

note: If you commented on my other journal to be featured, please take a look at everyone else's work too. After all, it's only fair that way and if you don't, it's just a little selfish and your conscience will bug you =P. So yah, share the love, guys! :D

These are ordered first come first serve style; I will be showing around 50 pieces at one time (i have around 450 comments), and be featuring once a week as to not clog up your message boxes. It'll probably take 2 months, so please be patient! :)


These are some of the works of my wonderful watchers! :D Faving this journal might help these get seen too :).

Milky Kitty by carcarchu Grace by JadeDianna Agrona Trade by HolyFrap [Saitou Hajime and Okita Souji] by Akiri-chann The Legend of Korra by JunitaThiessen AS: being in this location is concerning by Dragons-Roar Namakashii And Adamastor by lufidelis :thumb274347991: Lantern Festival by Yangyexin :thumb298547360: DMXrated's Commission Mint by SavageFrog Luv Me by Bubblette Good Fcking Morning by ribkaDory :thumb263285173: Chronicle by CRUCIFY-ORPHEA Angel of Music by MEl0N-l0Rd Princess Rarity by CorrsollaRobot Kanya Sukhon by Cashewdee rain cheeb by winnips :thumb299564363: Seaside Meeting by Lyricanna Morako by LisaMCooper LOX: Of Glorious Fire by niolynn Birthdays- 1.24 by Ninjacatmuffin Horizon by NeipyPien sugar sugar by suzzannnn I feel blue -painting- by Houdidoo Free Sketches: Zeta Iseia by Sage-Wren Spirit: Colored by Antebelle Star-Colored Night Sky by deliciosaBerry Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame by Equestrian-Equine :thumb301018594: My Simple Gift by TheLadyWellflower :thumb303212566: Gackt- If I'd Go Back by shinydust Sawtooth: Rabbit Skull Brooch by QuietPyre :thumb291421935: the forest girl by chuwenjie im yellow by tinydoodles GLaDOS by Elfowlgirl Reflection +Video+ by KuraiTheWarrior Dancing Ballerina by YumeDeli Norman Reedus by zepolnylarom Oriental Ellie by tshuki The Dark Princess by iToki-chan Gcomm : TianMasaki by Yunxiing

Thanks for looking everyone~!

If you're my watcher, and would like to be featured here, please visit this journal:

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TheLadyWellflower Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist
Wow! I'm in it!!...
Thank you sooo much for the feature!...
And I got to discover so many cool artworks too!!
TapSkill Featured By Owner May 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
Very nice art listed. :) I feel that I don't have much worth showing at the moment.
CRUCIFY-ORPHEA Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Thanks so much, Qin <3
Qinni Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
np np <3 :D
mariloop Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Student General Artist
Beautiful features! Congratulations to your watchers!!
CPatten Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Wow! So many talented watchers you got there! <3
nightmaresky Featured By Owner May 23, 2012
nice feature.
evilstrawberrycookie Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like journals like that:la:
It's always a good way to find new awesome artists:heart:
H0angVu Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
In love with the back from the dead one, keep up the great work!:D
Lalliebear Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Student General Artist
I would fav all of these. they are all brilliant, well done. and nice feature
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