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Mini-update + a lil' daily sketch dump

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2015, 9:57 PM

Hey guys, sorry for disappearing again; my mom’s come to vancouver from across the country because of my heart condition so i’ve been pretty busy with all that along with different checkups (good news is my name is on a waiting list for a mitral dilation surgery so yay :D). I’ve been updating pretty regularly just on my instagram and facebook though, and when I find the time I’ll clean up my stuff and upload my daily drawings :) .  Might colour them a bit too if i get the time, but with work and everything...haha i dunno xD;. Still working though, so also yay :D

Here's some of my daily sketches:

ps. Gold ink is awesome~! I’m not using it nearly as much as I want to haha xD. 

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Copying artwork then selling it for profit

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 7, 2015, 11:31 AM

note: Please, if you're going to debate, be courteous and have basic manners, and not turn this into a typical internet argument. 
I'll probably delete this if this blows up badly, since I just want to iterate this one thing; so please, be courteous. 

I didn't think I needed to address this at all, actually, but here we are. Please also note, I'm not here to debate with you (edit: Unless you have read all of this very carefully and not just skimmed it like some of you debaters are doing). If you think that it's okay to copy or redraw and then sell the copied art, that's great, please take it up in your own journal or maybe even the forums; i'm sure you'll find a lot of people to debate with there :). There's been drama a'brewin' somewhere, don't bring it here, because my issue isn't with the artist in question anymore (for the most part...), but rather with the fans (some who are decent artists themselves so i'm more baffled about that) who think that the artist did nothing wrong at all.
I'm actually extremely baffled and disappointed with the amount of people who are glossing over or are okay the most important part of this whole issue - selling practice-art which they copied for practice, and I think that's definitely a problem.

Referencing has always been a part of art. We call it "Master Studies", where you take a master's painting like Bouguereau's paintings, and then do your own copy to see parts of how he did it, and through that process, we learn about how they achieved the best skin-tones, cloth folds, etc etc. Master-studying has never been a problem in the art community. This is an extremely good exercise and I have done it many times myself, but...

...passing it off as your own and selling it is not right, even if you copy it in your style or "made it better". This is called PlagiarismPlease don't think so cheaply of artists who create their own composition, pose, and lighting (ie. the original artists and animators people are ripping off of) which makes up a lot of an artwork. You can reference different sources of material to make up one artwork, but that also takes a lot of work and skill, since complete compositions don't just fall into our laps. Just imagine if someone took one of your art, copied pretty much everything, rendered it in their style, and then sold it without ever once mentioning you. Would you really be okay with that? Personally, my biggest issue is with the selling part of this whole thing. Offering incentives to be paid to do these studies also don't sit well with me, since that's also basically still selling copied-art. *sigh* but i won't go into that, since it'll depend on if people still do it or not.

Do these people who support copying-and-selling even know how difficult it is to create a concept and compose the artwork? I've seen artists go through a lot of thumbnail sketches for one picture, and another set of thumbnails for different colour/lighting that would suit it best; it can take so much time and effort. To bypass that, copy their work and making a profit off of them without even acknowledging them is basically spitting on their hard work, and that's not okay in my books. 

and for people saying that people also sell cover-songs, i'd like to point out that a lot of them have permission or have bought licenses from the music companies that represent the original artists. There have actually been several lawsuits over the years because a song is way too similar to another, you can google it for yourself.

Honestly at first, I didn't even think this needed to be addressed, and I'm so SO disappointed in the online art community right now that I actually have to address it at all

edit: There seems to be another thing people are unsure of: selling fanart. First, I'd like to say that if your art is an pretty much a copy of a screenshot or official art that's rendered more, that is no longer just fan art; it's a copied-art or simply a re-draw. Second, with fanart, yes, they are illegal to sell with north american companies (and probalby europe). That's why when you submit into the fanart category on dA, there is no print selection available. Disney is probably the biggest enforcer of this law out of any other company in NA. The reason why fan-artists aren't all sued off their asses by american companies is because these companies don't think fan-merchandise make enough money to impact their business, but that's why at conventions, there are often rules like "no more than 100 copies of one fanart allowed", and at certain conventions, any disney and disney-related (ie. marvel, pixar) fan-franchises are banned. Disney has even sued a kindergarden for having an unofficial disney mural, and they've also sued a couple who were making money doing birthday parties while dressed up as disney characters. Yeah, huge-corporation disney sued a couple for 2 million dollars, just think about that. So yes, legally, it's also not allowed, though the gray-areas are created when companies don't enforce the law; but if they did, a lot of people would lose a lot of money....
Now when it comes to japanese companies, the law is a lot more loose, since a lot of japanese companies condone it and there are professionals who do doujins and sell them at comiket (one of the largest japanese doujin conventions), but even there you will not find artists selling redraws for the most part.  

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Important edit:

People are either confused about what I mean when I say copy or they just think copying for profit is okay, but whatever the case, I'm going to show an example of what I mean by using another artists' redraw. This artist is actually amazing and doesn't do these for profit, but just for practice, which is awesome and i think totally okay:

Robin Hood and Maid Marian by Murph3

Now imagine doing that, but leave out the fact that it was a repaint and then selling it. That's what I mean by copying and selling. geezus. i'm already tired. 

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Wow, i never knew being sick would be so stressful

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 31, 2015, 9:22 PM

Sorry, this is a bit of a personal problem thing, hahaha;;; Sorry if you get annoyed at people talking about stuff like this, i just really need to vent a little bit.... ps. i swear like a sailor. lol.

So I've had a bit of a problem with walking for the past month or two, where if I walk a normal speed, my chest starts hurting, and if I kept pushing, my vision would start blacking out and i'd hear stuff as if I was listening to a badly tuned radio.... so obviously something was wrong, and I went to the doctors to check stuff out. funny thing is at first I thought I had asthma, because I'd also feel like I couldn't breath properly and had a wet cough.

Well, I got my echocardiogram results back and found out I have severe Mitral Stenosis, which is basically a heart valve disorder in which my heart valve cannot open completely (mine’s opening at 1/4 the normal size), caused probably by a fever I had when I was 5 or 6 y/o, in which my heart valve got infected. …..-____-;;. so now one of my heart chambers is swelling up because not enough blood can be pumped out, which if severe enough can cause blood clots and give me a stroke, so i might need heart surgery to get it fixed, but I won’t know for sure until i go see a cardiologist, which is next week.

So now my parents are pressuring me to quit my awesome amazing not-really-stressful background painting job with good pay, to go home and rest, and it's seriously stressing me out. I know they mean well but every time I tell them i'm painting or something they're like "you shouldn't be. you should just rest", as if painting is going to cause me to have a stroke or something....and they keep calling me, and i can't just hang up. I mean, now i even have to cut off coffee, which is kind of this thing i really need. ;__;

ARGUHHHH i DON'T NEED THIS on top of all of this shit. Fuck, i probably sound like an ungrateful bitch but oh my fucking god I love my job i don't want to quit, especially since I haven't checked with my cardiologist yet and nothing's set in stone like holy fuck.

fuckfuck i'm so fucking stressed....

Don't wanna end on a bad note so here's something I'm painting...bit by bit when i'm out of work at work xD;. photoshop is still a sonofabitch to work with lololol. 

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oh my god i've been gone forever.

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 10, 2015, 2:26 PM

First of all, I'd like to appologize to people who have sent me notes. I've got almost 200 unread private messages in my inbox right now and....i'm going to clean it out. Sorry, this type of stuff give me a lot of stress and anxiety and i feel horrible when I reply to a note that's a million years old; it's actually sort of the reason i've been avoiding dA, cause i get stressed out whenever i see the amount of messages I have. 

So if there was anything important you sent me and is still important, please note me again. 

I'll be uploading some watercolours I painted a while back soon. hope you guys had a good week for the new year :)

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Art + Anatomy book Recommendations

Journal Entry: Fri May 23, 2014, 12:54 PM

15 books I recommend for anatomy, art fundamental study and art inspiration. Please note that these are simply my personal recommendations and books that's helped me a lot in the past. 

I've taken photos for these books, so Here's a less image-heavy list (on tumblr)

This took so much longer than I first anticipated so I really hope people find this helpful cause, seriously, spending 3 days on this does not feel like it was worth it ^^;

edit: I'm putting the tl;dr list here first as a preview of the books I'm recommending. 

TL;DR List of books

Anatomy Books

Boing! Boing! Art Book Recommendations Boing! Boing! 

Anatomy Books

:star: An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists :star: |
One of the best anatomy books I've owned, and shows great draftsmanship from many old masters

:star: The Art of Animal Drawing :star: |
Really simple-to-understand animal anatomy book that breaks down animal forms in simple shapes and explanations

:bulletblue: Anatomy for the Artist :bulletblue: |
This book has some really good photo-references with really pretty models. There are also see-through paper that goes on top of some of the photos that has bones and sometimes muscles that goes on top. Pretty neat.

:bulletblue: Figure Drawing for All It's Worth :bulletblue: |
Andrew Loomis's books are all pretty great, I think. You can probably find his pdfs online but I find things on print easier to absorb for me and I tend to carry my books around. Anyways, this one has some great stuff on perspective and foreshortening.

Animation/ Illustration/ Concept art Skill-set books

Colour Theory

:star: Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter :star: |
:+favlove:I strongly suggest this. Seriously, this is one of the best books I have ever bought. It's really great and really thorough. It's also one of the few art books I've read the text thoroughly front to back.

Concept Art

:bulletblue: The Skillful Huntsman :bulletblue: |
This one is really good if you want to go into concept art. It takes you through the steps of brainstorming to final product and there's a lot of great silhouettes to learn from.

Composition/ Storyboarding

:bulletblue: Dream Worlds: Production Design for Animation :bulletblue: |
Wonderful book on pre-production of animation, and covers from compositions to layout brainstorming, to storyboard colourscripts.


:bulletblue: The Animator's Survival Kit :bulletblue: |
A must-have for animation-beginners, this almost-400 page book is definitely worth your dime if you want to be an animator.

Beginner Perspective

:bulletblue: Perspective Made Easy :bulletblue: |
A small handbook for starting perspective, great for beginners and has lots of info on basic perspective rules and tricks. Also pretty cheap so that was a plus for me xD

Perspective and Design Fundamentals

:star: How to Draw: drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination :star: |
A 200+ paged book full of great stuff mainly about perspective as well as design and basic fundamental skills; good for artists of any level, really.

Inspiring Illustration Books

:bulletblue: Art of Pixar: The Complete Colour Script :bulletblue: |
Awesome collection of Pixar's colour scripts and illustrations. Great for colour inspiration

:bulletblue: Art of Tangled :bulletblue: |
Actually all of the art-of books are pretty amazing, and are full of character designs, background/layout designs, colourscripts etc.

:bulletblue: James Jean's Fable Cover Collection :bulletblue: |
I know this book is sold out right now but they might do a reprint again so if you don't have the money for it right now, keep an eye out. I remember the original price to be around $40 so it was definitely worth the beautiful illustrations inside. James Jean is one of my favourite illustrators so I just had to put this up here even though the book's sold out xD;

:bulletblue: Spectrum Collection :bulletblue: |
Any of Spectrum's collection of contemporary illustrations are all really great and very industry-standard. Great inspiration illustrations

:bulletblue: Bouguereau :bulletblue: |
I just had to add a master painter in there. Bouguereau is one of my absolute favourite painters along with John Sargent. Seriously, if you have a chance, get their books and do master-studies off of their paintings. They REALLY help with realism.
Thanks for looking~! If you made it to the end, here's a cookie~ :cookie:
If you only have a chance to get just one or two of these books, I've highlighted my top 4 with a star beside it....I tried to narrow it down but I couldn't narrow it down too much. Anyways, I think this list covers a wide range of stuff. 

tip: On top of studying anatomy, do some master studies (that's when you pick an artist you feel has really mastered their medium and skill level is off the roof, and you pick something they've drawn and copy it). They really help.

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Got a job (yay), etc etc. :D

Journal Entry: Sat May 10, 2014, 10:03 AM

I realized I haven't really updated on my personal life here on dA for a while. Not sure why...i guess mostly it's because I've taken to updating my life on tumblr instead and it feels weird to update the same thing in two different places ^^;

So anyways, RL stuff first - I got a new job :la: ~ Well, a job offer, the job itself doesn't start until July, but I'm going to be working at Titmouse Inc (they did Motorcity, and the opening for the first season of Avatar...I think those are the two prominent ones...). I was assigned to be a background artist working on Turbo FAST season 2, which is pretty exciting because seasons 1 got nominated for an Emmys. 

So I'll be moving to Vancouver Canada :D. Any Vancouver peeps here that might be able to give me a heads up as to where i should avoid renting a place, etc? =P.  


thanks so much to psoty for suggesting it, and TehAngelsCry for the DD feature ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

Within the Forest by Qinni

And thanks to Heidi, I now have a sub again +__+~ Thanks so much >3<~ I'll try to update on dA more this year~


Another thing is I finnnnally got a portfolio website. geeez that took really long to set up even though technically it was easy, I went through a LOT of different site-builders x_x;;. I finally decided to go with Weebly because it was simple and looked pretty sleek. I guess technically I don't need it for another year though, since I have my permanent-for-a-year job =P


First, thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes, points and cakes! I wish I could reply to every single person but I only have enough time to read everyone's messages >3< :heart: but thank you guys lots :glomp:

So last year, I posted a guide on Tumblr that detailed how I did my animated short-film step-by-step, and the problem is that I have a lot of moving GIF samples, and so I kind of want to re-organize it and post it for dA folks who might not have tumblr... I've seen a lot of tutorials on how to do a flip-page flash, but none of them show me how I can include small animated gifs without buggering it up. I'm guessing I can load it into flash and turn it into a symbol but I struggled with it and kind of gave up last year @_@;;;. Here's the actual tutorial… , but I want to turn it into a flash-file, if that makes sense? 

If anyone could help, I'd be extremely grateful~ I kind of gave up on it last year so I'd have to start from scratch again but yeah, anything would help xD;; even links to tutorials you think might help or what you googled to find certain tutorials, seriously xD;;;. I have Flash CS5, and use actionscript 3, i think...? xD;; one can help? "orz.....okay....


Oh, last thing; and I've been asked this many many times so here's my facebook: is my personal facebook though, and I don't feel comfortable enough for an "official artist" facebook kind of thing, but it's not really open for friends (unless you're friends with someone who's a friend, i think that's my setting...? xD;; ), only followers ^^;~ but yeah, i post a lot of process stuff on there publicly :)
oh my god I'm so sorry. I've been so busy with moving (i didn't know my family had so much shit) and other stuff I just haven't logged onto dA for a while. 

But I didn't realize I'm now a Senior Member?? wowowow I don't even know who gave that to me, but thank you so much~~ i know it's just a title, but I remember as a kid first on dA I was like "Seniors are so speciallll i want oneeee" xDDDD. And now I'm old and apparently senior enough to be Senior :D :D


Uh, here's something I've been working on. Actually, this thing was done back in November though xD;;;. 
My Wallpaper Sketch2 by Qinni

um, I'll still be busy for a while preparing my portfolio stuff, so I can't guarantee I'll be on dA, but I will be on Tumblr because that's where I post WIPs (and complain about stuff, talk about stuff i don't think making a journal on dA is appropriate for cause i tend to delete my lil rants xD;; ). Does anyone want me to post my WIPs here too? I remember quite a few people didn't want that, so I ended up not posting most of my WIPs xD;;;. 

and also, I lost weight again! yeyeyeyey. 
Img 0361-2 by Qinni

I've finally hit 52kgs! well, 52.3kg (that's around 115 pounds. i'm very short xD;; around 158-160cm) but still! yayy :D :D :D

Okay, first, I have to apologize for not being on for, like, two months. I was in China and I kind of went crazy lying around doing nothing.......ha....haha.....(and my bro says he's a witness lol). 

second, I'd like to apologize for the 54+ notes in my inbox (and over 90 notes in my tumblr inbox. so...yeah). whenever I see a number that's higher than 10, i get this irrational fear and don't want to touch any of it (i still have over 1000 unread emails from the year i ditched it >.>;; ). So yes, sorry, I'll get to them eventually slowly,'s just really time-consuming >.<;;

Third(ly?), I'm sorry for the hiatus on the watcher's feature again @__@;; oh my god I feel the worst about that. I let my sub run out without finishing the features, so I feel extremely terrible for wasting ArtofAshes's subscription >_<;;~! sorry!! >_<;;
edit:I'm extremely grateful to logeg for giving me another sub ^3^ <3~ I still feel extremely guilty though oh god and now it probably seems like i was begging for a subscription or something.....:iconlazycryplz: oh well

Lastly, thanks so much to deshrubber for the Daily Deviation~!! WHoooot!! yayy!! ;3;~!! :heart::heart: i'm so happy >.<~!!

Also, i'm sorry for spending more time on tumblr. Seriously, i spend almost all my time on tumblr and it has all my sketches and stuff v_v;;;~. but I do post bigger and more detailed versions of final drawings on dA though xD;;~ many peeps still follow me...? ha...haha.....ha...^^; @_@;;~

Watcher's Feature 2 - #4 + Contest

Journal Entry: Sun May 19, 2013, 7:46 PM

Sorry, I can't believe it's been so long since I've done this "orz

Edit: I forgot, but my friend here's having a contest:…
it's about your favourite character with your favourite food. It can be your own character or one on T.V. so it sounds pretty fun, right? :D

Please take a look, there are some awesome peeps here :D

note: Faving this journal might help with your exposure :) but it's solely up to your fellow deviants ^^;~

It takes me a while to put these together and it's a bit of a tedious process, so if you commented on my other journal to be featured, please take a look at everyone else's work too. After all, it's only fair that way and if you don't, it's just a little selfish and your conscience will bug you =P. So yah, share the love, guys!

These are ordered first come first serve style; I will be showing around 50 pieces at one time (I still have a lot to go through and it adds up every time i put up a feature journal), and be featuring once a week or bi-weekly as to not clog up your message boxes. It'll probably take a few months, so please be patient! 


I should be updating this once every other week either friday or saturday : ). again, I implore you to be patient if you're further down the list! thanks!

Just look through my older journals to see how you can be featured if you're my watcher :D.

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Watcher's Feature 2 - the return of the pimp #3

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 27, 2013, 11:24 AM

First I just wana say thanks so much to :iconartofashes: for the sub and dA's new journal-writing beta which makes featuring thumbnails so much, SO MUCH, easier and faster for me. Honestly thanks so much.

Please take a look, there are some awesome peeps here :D

note: Faving this journal might help with your exposure :) but it's solely up to your fellow deviants ^^;~

It takes me a while to put these together and it's a bit of a tedious process, so if you commented on my other journal to be featured, please take a look at everyone else's work too. After all, it's only fair that way and if you don't, it's just a little selfish and your conscience will bug you =P. So yah, share the love, guys!

These are ordered first come first serve style; I will be showing around 50 pieces at one time (I still have a lot to go through and it adds up every time i put up a feature journal), and be featuring once a week or bi-weekly as to not clog up your message boxes. It'll probably take a few months, so please be patient! 


Dragon Script by Poki-art Elven by hollyfaith  Shihana Sample by OptimusOmega Dr pepper quilling by mizueyes777 Asuka by Sho-kun 34. Moon by iMiyabi John Buttler by khaevis take me far by Akumeno Henrik the Ranger by JillLenaD Quiet by Chitsuu Buried in Water by Bubblette Emma Watson by Ptolemie Beloved by Elena-Ciolacu Stay Still. [V.2] by Lunakiri SSY: goodbye, my love. by poooptato Tentacles by allnamesareinuse Waves by SavageFrog Archangel Ariel by winry7405 Finn the Human! by AndersHedstrom <da:thumb id="339708668"/> desert by aggielexi Doctor--Mechanic by Sydsir Mick by xArmony {art trade}:Da3rd by Momon-sensei Breathe by abelgrave Vegan Cover Girl by EyalDegabli FeferiPeixes by CatastrophicCupcakes Concerto by Miracle2 My Darling! Kedvesem! by KiyoshyAi Chandelure by Tsuyaya :ALiCe: by HoursUponHours AT-CursedCanine by JadeKingfisher :Comm:: Doll by Shroomsta Stillness by OneInfiniteLove Video Game by WakaXO  <da:thumb id="358795808"/> Dolphin by SenseiMac <da:thumb id="359749885"/> Peach Iris Bud by icefox94 <da:thumb id="360699543"/>  Rolling GirlRolling Girl
The sound of a clock ticking filled the young girl’s mind. She closed her eyes tightly ,trying to block out the noise and the voices in her head. It had been bothering her all day while she watched her fiancée, Blythe, pack for his mission. He knew that she’s been going in and out of depression for the past month, dreading her birthday as it slowly arrived. Blythe would steal glances at Mally every few minutes and watch as she’d sketch, crumble up the piece of paper, and throw it at the wall, missing the small iron trash can. He saw her rub her wrists as they slowly began to hurt and hear her mumble something before trying again, going through the process.
Mally sighed in frustration as she messed up again on her drawing, for the umpteenth time. She’d already used up most of the paper in her sketchbook and only got one drawing done. ‘Just stop,’ a voice in her head said, standing out from the rest of the voices that were bu
LR:FFXII -- World Driven by Aureta Clockwork Cosmos by SpaceTurtleStudios Why Wait? by Cisety Alone in the Moonlight by MagickDream-Creation Tulips Galore by Siartha A Sky as Vast by JamieDavenport Cat Street by toegetic the gray voices by Emiko-CatOnFire


I should be updating this once a week either friday or saturday : ). or every other week. again, I implore you to be patient if you're further down the list! thanks!

Don't ask me how you can be featured please :)~ Just look through my older journals :D.

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Watcher's Feature 2 - the return of the pimp #2

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 11, 2013, 11:25 PM

Before anything else, i'd like to ask peeps without a subscription/premium membership a question: can you guys still post thumbs without a sub? Cause the last time I didn't have a sub, the journal was literally featureless. since I want to save the points people donated for giveaways during Christmas (I failed to do one last year because i was in China I had a really limited access to internet at the time), I'm hoping dA still have thumbnails for sub-less people so I can keep doing this even when mine run out :D

I'm keeping the title this way :dummy:

note: Faving this journal might help with your exposure :) but it's solely up to your fellow deviants ^^;~

It takes me a while to put these together and it's a bit of a tedious process, so if you commented on my other journal to be featured, please take a look at everyone else's work too. After all, it's only fair that way and if you don't, it's just a little selfish and your conscience will bug you =P. So yah, share the love, guys!

These are ordered first come first serve style; I will be showing around 50 pieces at one time (I still have a lot to go through and it adds up every time i put up a feature journal), and be featuring once a week or bi-weekly as to not clog up your message boxes. It'll probably take a few months, so please be patient!


A  N  T  A  R  C  T  I  C    ! by yakkingyetis :thumb346037138: Digital Diva and Monster by jinyjin Inner Fire by Chrisgil in the skies above by Anyura Happy B-day Drobvirks by Raitoyami Sister by hannahmations Marshall Lee by SecretAgentSch Happy Hair by Ruehara Heart of Worlds by Kytelian World of colors by LOLlyACE Sunshine. by CryingSoulGirl [request] for reachii by anemontaglub :thumb360531218: To be Hokage by luzhikari The Bliss of Clover by wingedlight terror fish v2 by pittstop Settled by doobs33 (GIFT) Secret Santa 2012 for Posia by YKajitaka Ancient memories in fairy land by wind-hime-kaze Lulu by jemaica PONPONPON by Nekkohime :thumb360084620: the Birthplace of myths by Ilmadur Spirit 2012 by kowai-usagi Don't leave so soon by kushane You killed them by endspire Duality by LunaShadow Dragon Family by x-Tsuzurao-x Little DridderDeep in the jungle, deep in the night,
A traveler noticed a web in his camp.
And the tiny dridder filled with fright.
The night was cold with wind and rain.
Flashing lightning scared the tiny dridder,
that could fit in one of his hand.
The young man, with kindness in his eyes, did not refrain.
He sang her this song and held out his hand.
'Little dridder, little dridder, why are you here?
May I pick you up, if you don't lay eggs in my ear?
Little dridder, little dridder, let me warm you up.
I've made some soup and I'll pour you a big cup.
Little dridder, little dridder, let me hold you near.
And may my heart's warmth be sincere.
Little dridder, little dridder, there's no need to fret,
For there is no need to hold any sort of debt.
Little dridder, little dridder, I am no one to fear.
It's true the world is cruel, but there is kindness here.'
As trees gathered rings, time past.
A giant dridder stalked a trail.
But when she found her prey she could only gasp.
It was an old man with kindnes
Lelu the Starship Mechanic by R1VENkassle Assault in the Night by ToJ0 R.A. - pencil 1 - digital wip2 by LaeliaMMT Thing of Beauty by WolvenBird The Lion by Laramuda FlutterBorn by ThatAsianMike Window Dance by SpiralofDragon the Soldier by Aakami By the Light of a Red Moon by Dragon-Sphere Little Lion Man by 13anana Come to me by CarusimaHikura CM - Draknock 1/3 by Lili-Tea :thumb347821463: Watchful Deity by badaritist25 Hanged for his sins by Bistraja Aphrodite by Jessica-Prando Slaine 1 by ginmau


I should be updating this once a week either friday or saturday : ). or every other week. again, I implore you to be patient if you're further down the list! thanks!

Don't ask me how you can be featured please :)~ Just look through my older journals :D.

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Watcher's Feature 2 - the return of the pimp #1

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 28, 2013, 8:20 PM

Sorry about the title. It was stuck in my head so I had to xDD.

note: Faving this journal might help with your exposure :) but it's solely up to your fellow deviants ^^;~

It takes me a while to put these together, so if you commented on my other journal to be featured, please take a look at everyone else's work too. After all, it's only fair that way and if you don't, it's just a little selfish and your conscience will bug you =P. So yah, share the love, guys!

These are ordered first come first serve style; I will be showing around 50 pieces at one time (I still have a lot to go through and it adds up every time i put up a feature journal), and be featuring once a week as to not clog up your message boxes. It'll probably take ....a few months, so please be patient!


Forget My Name, Forget This Place by qannekke Fondant by ShadowedPorcelain Gold fang dragon by NJ-Shadow .: Aoi  :. by nilmea his scarf by chocomayo How Lovely to Fly! by TriaElf9 Amaryllis by Tishawish Contest Entry - Acacia by Rizzie-chan Breath by Tico-Illustrations Doogie!!! by JR-BossArcana by Keimichi :thumb356709877: Tom the Technopath by annaoi Rhino-thingy by Jellyparrot UlquiHime - All you need is one by ElyonBlackStar The Wings of Her Majesty by AlatusAquae Modern day Pointillism by Sundar-Atma Oriental Girl by AdrianeCasini Sollux Captor!! by Kathaaa MM: Three Musketeers by Jujupancakes0319 by suzzannnn 'Tell Yourself' - Background Art 3 by ShamelessMagic Citrus by Eminina PFNW: Lin by tshuki Daisy - LMS by adlovett Anima Detail - Human and Monster by Gnome64 Earth Gijinka by AquaDewRose :thumb360121034: CupCake by K-milaThe Moon Forest by Leafbreeze7 Just (f)lying around~ by shayachan The Raven Steals the Sun by anqila Sharkpony and the Glitter Riders Cover Issue 1 by neilak20 Little Red Riding Hood and Her Wolf by Mousenibbles The Azure Pup Will Be Ours... by Foxslit Tonya Commission by DarlingMionette Tylko nie ciagnij by sanrucha Gidget by Sawuinhaff Remember your heart by YewrezzKratos Soul (The Second) by ferriore I hate Valentines day! by windy-moon Pool of Tears by SpiritSiphon Commission: Dark Mage by Marraphy Mermaid by Melodie-Medolie :thumb358504592: zombie by KandyLion Caesar by TOYDREAMER SS_Cantarella by TheLadyWellflower SHOE! Happy Birthday, Rez! by Falceto-Rekuri GR: Casualty of Fate by TouchedVenus


I should be updating this once a week either friday or saturday : ). or every other week. again, I implore you to be patient if you're further down the list! thanks!

ps. there are a few people who didn't read the rules carefully and didn't answer me when I reminded them, so they're not up here. sorry guys, fair's fair; if you can't be bothered to answer me or read the rules carefully, what are the chances you'll go through everyone else's artwork? if you fixed your mistake I will feature it in the next feature :D.

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Comment with your favourite/best piece /link/ #2

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 21, 2013, 7:10 AM

Edit: Please read through the rules carefully~~ I know a bunch of you aren't >.O~!

Edit 2: I didn't realize a lot of people don't know this until now, but Thumbnails do not work in comments!.

And again, i emphasis people should read each rule; there are only 6, and it's even numbered! it's not that hard to not skim it! thanks!

First, thanks so much everyone who commented with birthday wishes~! there were like...425 of you guys and I actually read all of them, though I couldn't really reply to everyone >.<;;~ thanks lots for the cakes, bday points and the birthday wishes :). it's been a while since I've had real cake (cause i usually just eat noodles for my birthday; me and my asian ways), so digital ones are great xD~ thanks :D

you guys are so sweet and I would like to return the love and resume doing watchers feature again :).

I'm going to have to start over though becaues it's been a while since I last did them (really sorry >_<;; I have reasons but I don't want to make excuses; I'm sorry for stopping them for a while).

ps. yay new icon :D


Okay, so you simply have to comment here with a link your favourite work of your own. It's okay if you've submitted to the last one since I'm starting all over again.

Simple rules to abide by:

1. Please only comment once. per person.
2. Please comment with a link to one artwork that is yours. I cannot take other people's artwork, especially if they don't watch me, because it wouldn't make sense that I would add their work to my folder of "watcher's feature" if they didn't watch me.
3. Please be patient; I started these last time when i was on summer break, but I have school now so the features might become a bi-weekly thing rather than weekly.
4. You must be watching me :). I'll be able to tell. ;D

5. the unspoken rule of Please look at your fellow deviants' work when it comes out because it'll make this worthwhile. Share the love!
6. oh, and the last rule is to give me a random fact; like a little "did you know? there are at least 10 gems more rare than diamonds on earth.", just so I know you've read this and not just skimmed it :)~ plus I think it'll be more fun to read through :D.

How is this going to work from my end? Well, I'll be clicking through each of your links and adding them to a folder in my favourites called "Watcher's Feature 2" (so you don't have to thank me for adding you to my favs xD; ), and every week, or every other week, I'll be featuring 50 deviations, in order of comment xD. There might be a chance that I might miss you, since there are so many people and I'm only one person who's not a machine but a person, so I apologize beforehand if I missed your piece or something. @__@;

did you know?
Stinky tofu is actually delicious and it reminds me of cheese. You can probably get most of you daily protein by eating bugs because they contain a lot of protein :D i dunno. something inane and random's okay too. just some fact xD.

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A tumblr blog for those of you who wants critiqued

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 10:49 PM

Edit: alright, thanks guys so much for the great feedback :). we're slowly working our way through your critique-requests.
Critique submission is closed for the moment because there are so many requests coming at once and there's only like...9 of us critiquing and one of them is a writer. keep following us though, cause I'm sure as we finish critiquing them, we'll open it up again :)

here's the blog:

This is a blog where a bunch of artists will be critiquing those who submit their work/projects in, so if you want your work critiqued, go on that blog : D

I'll be critiquing on it too :D~~ Well, mostly the ones needing human anatomy help and asking for red-lining xDD;~ but there's peeps who can help with animals, composition, colours and stuff too :).

please note that it might take a bit of time for all of us to get through and critique it thoroughly, especially since we're all pretty busy people as well :D.

ps. this isn't my tumblr, this is just a critique blog I help out with. My tumblr is this:

EDIT/PS: This is from the blog founder; and I know it's probably some of my watchers who are doing this and aren't reading the submission guidelines properly ^^;~

Submissions that do not follow the submission guideline formula (picture/link to story and what you want help with), WILL NOT be processed! We have been getting several projects lately that lack a description of what you want us to do. A link to your project does not qualify as a submission. You MUST read our guidelines and provide an accurate description of what you want us to do (e.g Redline, paint over, general critique, written response…) If you believe that you did not adhere to our rules please resubmit your project WITH an explanation!

Sadly enough we cannot read your minds, so please remember to explain."


and I just want to add that it'll also make stuff a lot easier for us if you actually uploaded your image somewhere rather than us having to go to your link on dA, save it, and then upload it for you, as well as make all the critiques as well. thanks~!

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Canvas sizes - inches and dpi and pixels

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 2, 2013, 7:29 PM

This is a sort of guide on canvas sizes, inches, dpi and pixel x pixels.

when it came to canvas sizes, I always kind of assumed that inches belonged with dpi and pixels were just pixels and that everyone knew that; but i read a whole bunch of comments on a tumblr blog where someone asked about canvas sizes, and SO MANY people were replying with things such as, "4000x4000 px at 300 dpi" or "2000x2000 px at 200dpi".

and I guess not everyone quite understands what dpi's really used for xD.

DPI = Dots per Inch. It means how many dots will be printed per inch.

DPI is actually used for printing purposes. It shows the printer how much pixels to print per inch, literally. A common printer (at home or even at a lot of printing stores) at best prints at 150dpi most of the time actually; there are some super duper great printers that can print REALLY fine that can go up to ...apparently a lot more xD; #dpi, so that's why everyone usually suggests saving your project at 300dpi; most printers are fine with 300dpi, because anything above that is a little overkilling it. There are some super-fine printers though that can print up to maybe 600dpi, but those are not really that common. alright, so apparently it's pretty common =P~ but I've never found myself needing to go above 300dpi; stuff in 150dpi works well for me too, actually >_>;;~ Unless, of course, you're doing extremely high-quality fine-art prints that can sell up to $30-$60 a piece, because really high-quality prints (that requires 600+dpi) costs a lot to print in the first place, so I won't suggest this for anime/comic conventions ^^;~

so say I have a canvas at 5400 x 3600px, it literally means that I have a canvas that can be printed on a 18 x 12 inch paper at 300 dpi. If I have a 5400 x 3600px canvas at 200dpi, that pixels of the canvas don't change, but the inches on the physical paper can change to 27x18 inches when it comes to printing it. The canvas pixels aren't going to change just because you have it at 200dpi, so putting 200dpi, 300dpi or even 800dpi, it isn't going to make a difference digital canvas-wise. If you say something like "5400 x 3600px at 300 dpi", it's the same as saying "5400 x 3600px at 18 x 12 inches.". See how they don't mix? :)

Either put down how big it is in pixels (because you don't REALLY need the 300dpi if you're not printing it out), or if you have an intention of printing it out, do it in inches (or cm, if that's what you're used to) with a dpi attached.

Even photoshop makes it clear - The pixels are in the "Pixel-dimention" section, and the inches/cm/mm/etc and dpi is under the "Document-size" section.

TL;DR: Canvas inches and dpis are for physical prints only; Pixels are digital, so they don't mix with dpis or inches, etc. Digital and physical don't mix in a way that would make sense. Please don't say "2000 x 2000px at 300dpi"~ @_@;

I hope I made sense and cleared up some misconceptions about dpi and canvas sizes :). ….and i hope i didn't make a mistake here hahaha;;;.

sorry if i sounded like a know-it-all v_v;; i guess I found a new pet-peeve D;~…

damn, i wrote a lot; sorry, bad habit D:~!

edit: if you're a math-kindda person, you can also look at this mathamatically:

12 x 18inch at 300dpi =

12 x 300 dpi = 3600pixels
18 x 300 = 5400

therefore 12 x 18inch at 300dpi = 3600 x 5400pixels

and that's how you get the pixels vs inches + dpi.

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Watcher's Feature #12

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 7:59 PM

It's been a while since I did this @__@;;~ Sorry for the delay ^^;~

It takes me a while to put these together, so if you commented on my other journal to be featured, please take a look at everyone else's work too. After all, it's only fair that way and if you don't, it's just a little selfish and your conscience will bug you :D . So yah, share the love, guys! Faving this journal might help

These are ordered first come first serve style; I will be showing around 50 pieces at one time (I still have a lot to go through and it adds up every time i put up a feature journal), and be featuring once a week as to not clog up your message boxes. It'll probably take ....a few months, so please be patient!


DoD1 by maldonka Starberry Bunny by starberrycharms Wolf's Rain by bunnyrabb567 The End by WackyRacky You're Late by BerriSugar :thumb310862142: Happy Valentine's Day by Eeren sketch by LilicanDemon I'm Not A Girl! by Ice-Toa-Lover :thumb295836123: The red dragon by SunsetTheDragon Daughter Oceana by Maripon Daenerys Targaryen by symphonikas .Winter. by LadyKyuuketsuki Sort of chibi I guess? XD by Mina42 no place like home by pandachooo I turn people into a boob person by RainbowChesh Tanya - Queen of Clubs by peacemakerwarfreakIneluctable by ooosvn :thumb261176940: Teal Pearls by Alyssa921 Strolling Through My Kingdom by Nur8 :thumb304912357: FFXI Fellier by TrippinDippy :thumb261962208: Harley Quinn's rose by REDRiku My Sister's Mermaid by Samara3D That Gaze by PermisaneTiger Child by DanielleJensen White Eseras Final Version (Possibly) by Konori Happy Birthday Moonyy :3 by just-sora BECAuSE YOu'LL BE DEAD by luminosc :thumb269141064: Dikata Katenda by Kalinel Reunion, Prelude to Atonement by Lluks4 Face Down by OtakuRose Dark Mousy Vampire-ised by NesoKaiyoH Powerfull Mandy by Gotetho Tempting Delicious by MinamikoSan And Over the Mountains {AT} by Starkke :thumb314085738: Derse Dreamer by Lumination12 Youth by ab-insula-Avalonia Highlights of Hair by cantalopus You're Alive by Blooming-Pinguicula Crash your world by Moon-Mascot Artist? by WiteHypno Ink by John-Boyer

Thanks for looking .
If you want to be featured, there should be an older journal that will show you the way (if you want to be featured, the first step is to find that journal~! :3. it's a test. of my laziness. *Edit* nevermind, hold that thought - I'll probably be doing another journal about this, since my old journal now has over 1500+ comments, most of them made months ago, so I'm probably going to start this over again for the new journal features, since you guys probably have new work you'd wanna show off xD; (and it's hard to sift through all those comments D; )

You also have to be one of my watchers to be featured (thus the title xD)
Please show some support for your fellow artist~!

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oh my god, I actually didn't expect to win anything, really @__@;;~ I'd already given up in my heard to be honest, hahaha;; because, well, there's another user who has a lot of friends xD;;~ but oh my god, you guys are so awesome for helping ;A;~!!

Seriously, i cannot thank everyone enough.

/////>___<////// <3 <3 <3~!!

eeep. thanks everyone so so so freaking much, i can't believe so many people took the time to sign-up and vote for me ;A;~ <3 <3

x__x <3

edit: There's only a few days left, so if you could help at all, i'd be so grateful!

by the way, did i mention I'm one of the finalists? yay. but I really doubt I'll win anything though, since these north-american contests are usually more swayed towards a north-american style normally. >_<;;

The prize is $1000 per catagory winner, plus another grand for the "audience favourite". my tuitions here as a visa student is really expensive, and since my parents don't have any income at the moment (my dad just lost his job -_-;;), I'd rather not be too much of a burden on them. The problem is I can't really do conventions anymore while I'm in China, and the school workload is actually pretty intense, so if you guys can help at all, I'd be so so greatful, seriously.

I don't usually ask for help like this, but I've decided to be a little shameless and beg;

please please help me by voting for me for Film Skillet's animation contest. I don't know how much of a shot I have here, but there's an "audience favourite"...but you do need to sign up to vote though, so i don't know how many of you will bother to do that @__@;;~

sorry, anyways:

If you like my film enough to vote for it and have the time to sign up or already have an account, please vote for it here:…

thank you guys so so much for your time.

millions of thanks >A<;~
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Edit:...I didn't even realize I got a DD until now! @__@;;;;. Thanks so much for the feature :iconkingmancheng:

So so so so sorry guys ;A;~ I completely completely forgot about dA for the past few months and....well, it's been a little tough and the holidays didn't feel like a holiday here in China because Chinese people here don't really celebrate christmas (my roommates didn't even know when christmas was!!! D:< ), so I also of course completely forgot to do my christmas giveaway OH NO. D:!! >A<;....Sorry, actually, what I did on Christmas was phoning a dozen different people about how to apply to the masters program that i want to get into properly and generally running around haggard. I still have a personal statement to write, a few letters of recommendations to get from professors, and a few tests I have to do before I can rest easy again D;.

I know there are people who noted me about stuff, but I have like around 70 notes to go through at this moment and a lot of stuff to go through, so please be patient :).

I'm actually still very busy at the moment, and I'm currently applying to a masters program in Fine Arts here. I don't know if you guys want to see any of my life-drawings, as that's ALL I've been doing the last few months; oil painting life drawings....

I'll try to post more regularly if you guys don't mind that. but if you do, i can keep them to myself :).

ps. I'm getting really good at drawing feet these days, so I'll probably drop a feet tutorial within a few months time, since I feel confident enough to pull it off now xD.
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This is a little late, but Thank You guys for...

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 24, 2012, 6:41 PM for me on the Music Design challenge! :D

My design was picked as one of the finalists/winners for printing!

Here was my design:
Music In My Soul by Qinni

Here are the rest of the finalists/winners:

again, thanks guy so much for voting me into the top 100 so i could have a shot at this! v.v :heart:


ps. I'm sorry I haven't been updating much or have been doing my watchers feature. I've just been really busy finishing up some freelance work and getting ready to go back to China to study oil painting for a year xD;~ So expect a lot of oil paintings in your updates in the future >.<~~!

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