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June 8, 2012
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Fishing. by Qinni Fishing. by Qinni
....and boom, his house was destroyed D:

my Tumblr

a short story-thing i did last year for school, which included an action analysis animation.

The water was ....really hard D:

i might expand on the story a little more.

rough was done in pencil and paper, in betweened on the computer, and cleaned up on the computer. This whole thing was done on flipbook, other than the key framed roughs, which was done in pencil.

Oh, I'd also like to mention what's up with my film: Basically, I'm done the whole thing fact, I finished it by the end of April/beginning of May. I'm just waiting to hear back from a few animation festivals that have rules that doesn't let me upload it publicly online until those festivals are over, so I'm not uploading it until i either don't get in, or the festivals are over ^^; thanks for waiting xD;;

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GamingHunter Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Sux to be him.
One hell of a Catch though.
you draw such nice fish :D
This is amazing. O m O
Paperchild01 Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow..... poor boy
WandaTheDragon Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that is kind of sad ending
your art it's awesome!!!! i really enjoy see your works!
at least you could tell me in which festivals your are participating ?

sorry for my poor english i hope you undestand me. C:
BOBBDAPENGUINN Apr 1, 2013  Student Filmographer
So are you majoring in digital animation?? What is it called?? I want to major in that but i don't really know much about it :(
Qinni Apr 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
No, I majored in animation; I wanted to clarify because it's important to learn animation the traditional way too, which is what I did the first two years of college.

And I'm not sure what you meant by "what's it called"?... It was just called animation.
BOBBDAPENGUINN Apr 1, 2013  Student Filmographer
Oh well thank you :) and I wanted to know because I myself want to major in that. I'm a senior in high school right now and im going to attend community college for two years to complete my general ed requirements... I still don't know what to do after that though. Any advice??
Qinni Apr 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Ah, well, I'm not sure if I'm the best person to advise you on that; what do you want to do? If it's the art industry, then the art industry is actually a pretty broad field and there's still a lot to choose from; I also know a lot of people who just do it as a hobby even though they're very good (they feel like it won't be enjoyable anymore if they made it into their profession). It also depends on your budget to spend on college and if you want to go to a university for art or go to those private art colleges (which all the big-named art-schools are but they are hella expensive).

I do want to say that unless you're REALLY REALLY passionate about art, you won't find work very enjoyable, especially if you're in the animation industry where you often have to work unpaid overtime to finish your section of the project. I've seen people drop out of the animation program I was in because they couldn't take the workload where we sometimes had to pull all-nighters to complete.
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